This category of Ecopolis Awards is dedicated to scientific projects that support the protection of the environment. The candidates for this category are chosen by the members of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Task Forces of Ecocity among Greek scientists, scientific laboratories of Greek universities and young scientists with PHD, whose projects were completed during the previous year. 

The sub - categories of ECOPOLIS Awards regarding the field of science are:

Sub - category 1.1.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for scientific labs or teams project

Sub - category 1.2.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for scientist’s research or study

Sub - category 1.3.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for young scientist’s project or research

Aside from the procedure described above, it is possible for scientific institutions or individual scientists to suggest candidates simply by submitting a briefing accompanied by an application and a summary of the suggested scientific project. The Scientific Committee evaluates the proposal and decides whether to include the suggested project in the nominations or not.

All proposals are divided between the available subcategories and are evaluated by the respective Committees. The results are presented to the public during a formal ceremony, the Ecopolis Awards.

For further information, all interested parties are encouraged to contact the secretary of Ecopolis awards at the following number: 210 6196757.