This category of Ecopolis Awards was first established during the ceremony of 2009, when special prizes were awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate university theses that preferably focused on the assessment of measures for the protection of the environment. Especially for the year 2009, the nominations concerned exclusively the area of transportation. At the ECOPOLIS 2010, nominations included projects related to the areas of wind and water as well, while at the ECOPOLIS 2011 & 2012 the topics of the suggested theses were extended so as to cover all five ECOCITY action lines. Each year’s nominations are addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations that were elaborated during the past two years.

The sub - categories of ECOPOLIS Awards regarding the field of dissertations are:

Sub - category 2.1.
ECOPOLIS Award for the Quality of Air in Cities

Sub - category 2.2.
ECOPOLIS Award for Water 

Sub - category 2.3.
ECOPOLIS Award for Settlements, Buildings and Urban Green

Sub - category 2.4.
ECOPOLIS Award for Energy (efficiency) in Cities

Sub - category 2.5.
ECOPOLIS Award for Urban Transport

Sub-category 2.6.
ECOPOLIS Award for the Study of Contemporary Environmental Issues

The most important aspect that defines the evaluation of the nominated theses is the subject and its focus on the assessment of the efficiency of measures, actions, statutes and practices that contribute to the improvement of urban environment and quality of life in general.

All application forms should be submitted electronically. The assessment of the nominations takes place in late spring.

The members of the Evaluation Committees for each sub - category will be at the disposal of supervisors in order to guide them and help them select and customize the subject and the objectives of their theses so as to meet the eligible criteria for Ecopolis Awards.

For further information, all interested parties are encouraged to contact the secretary of Ecopolis Awards at the following number: 210 6196757.