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This category of Ecopolis awards refers to the informational and educational work of printed and electronic press that supports or helps the protection of the environment.

The sub-categories of ECOPOLIS Awards 2017 for the media are:

Sub - category 6.1.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for journalism project

Sub - category 6.2.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for newspaper - newspaper insert

Sub - category 6.3.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for radio - radio broadcast

Sub - category 6.4.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for television - television broadcast

Sub - category 6.5.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for website - online information

Sub - category 6.6.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for special or regional press

Candidatures for this category are selected by the respective Selection Committee, which monitors all news about the environment and is informed of the work of journalists, the press, television and radio broadcasts, web sites. Ecopolis awards 2017 are addressed to media that broadcast or circulate at a national as well as a local level. They refer to topics and broadcasts made during 2016. The suggested projects for each sub - category will be communicated to the public in January 2017. A qualified Evaluation Committee will assess all nominations according to the announced criteria and will decide on the winning project and the business to be awarded. The awards will be presented to the public at the Ecopolis 2017 ceremony.

For further information, all interested parties are encouraged to contact the secretary of Ecopolis awards at the following number: 210 6196757.