Ecopolis awards for local government are addressed to programs and activities organized by Greek municipalities, whose aim is the protection of the environment and the local ecosystems or the promotion of actions that raise the environmental awareness among citizens.

The sub-categories of ECOPOLIS Awards 2017 for local government are:

Sub - category 4.1.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for environmental policies

Sub - category 4.2.
ECOPOLIS Award 2015 for environmental awareness campaigns

Sub - category 4.3.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for environmental management (water resources, energy)

Sub - category 4.4.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for urban rehabilitation (buildings, squares, pedestrian streets, cycle tracks)

Sub - category 4.5.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for improvement of the quality of life (traffic, green, transportation, air etc.)

Sub - category 4.6.
ECOPOLIS Award 2017 for environmental investment programs (recycling, waste management, renewable energy sources etc.)

A qualified Selection Committee, whose members monitor all relative projects implemented during 2016, selects the candidatures for each sub - category of Ecopolis local government awards. However, interested parties may also submit their candidature in order to be considered for an award.

All suggested projects for each sub - category will be communicated to the public in January 2017. A qualified Evaluation Committee will assess all nominations according to the announced criteria and will decide on the winning project and the municipality to be awarded. The awards will be presented to the public at the Ecopolis 2017 ceremony.

For further information, all interested parties are encouraged to contact the secretary of Ecopolis awards at the following number: 210 6196757.